Have you fallen into this trap of not taking breaks?

You KNOW it’s important to take breaks.  You KNOW it’s important to take great care of yourself. Yet, so many of you aren’t doing it.  Your actions make it appear that you think you’ll get more done if you don’t take breaks.

You’re racing the clock trying to unload the dishwasher just before you dash out to drop the kids off or go to work.  You’re hustling in the morning to get where you need to be, working hard all day, then coming home to do even more.

When does it end?  Sometimes, it feels like it doesn’t.

I get it.  I used to race the clock and jam my schedule with all kinds of things – 24/7.  I still feel the urge to do it on occasion.  At the root of this need to be constantly doing something (aka productive), is your desire to get more done; and in some cases, to be perfect.  But, the thing is, you don’t get more done when you work yourself into anxiety, exhaustion, and depression.

Do you know many moms or colleagues who would tell you they are not stressed out and overwhelmed?  Do you know many people who report that they take great care of themselves and give themselves lots of rest and attention? Probably not.

That’s a problem!  We have been so programmed to think we need to achieve and do more, more, more.  I’m all for achieving goals in life, but not at the expense of your health. And, you can actually achieve and do more, when you do less.  Taking short breaks throughout the day is proven to help reduce stress, calm anxiety, clear your mind, and give you a reset.

So here is your reminder! Don’t forget to take a few short breaks for yourself today!  You’re worth it!