Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with motherhood, work and life – that you literally lock yourself in the bathroom to scream or cry?

We’ve all been there.  Ladies, being a good mom isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s a gigantic job with no rule book.  And there are times when it’s just too much.  When your patience has been worn so thin, when you can’t handle just one more thing, but then that thing comes anyway. And, you pop.  You have a meltdown that can rival a two-year-old.

When this happens, please don’t feel ashamed.  Please don’t feel that it’s a sign you’re a bad mom.  Please take it as a sign that something is too much and invite the opportunity in to back off in some area of your life – or get some help.

As women and especially moms, we often feel like we should be able to handle everything.  But, we’re human – and even as Super Women, we have limits.  So, the next time you find yourself crying in the bathroom or closet – trying to hide your ‘weaknesses’ from anyone to see – cry it all out, then remind yourself how amazing you are.  Fill your head with all the good and lovely ways you care for your family and push the mean girl out.  The mean girl in your head that’s telling you that you should be able to handle this, and asking you what’s wrong with you, or telling you that you are failing – push her out.  She’s not serving you.  Replace her naggy voice with proof of the millions of ways that you can handle this, that you are Super Woman, and that even Super Woman is allowed to cry.