Did my subject line “The mom guilt anchor” give you a visual of a mom walking around with an anchor attached to her leg?  Me too!  And it really represents how we can feel as moms when we’re pulling around that nasty extra weight of mom guilt.

Mom guilt sucks.

Since moms can experience mom guilt for different reasons, it can totally affect you differently as well. Mom guilt can produce a slew of negative emotions: well, guilt (obviously), shame, embarrassment, frustration, sadness.

It’s important to know that humans are meant to experience a full range of emotions and the negative emotions aren’t always bad.  However, if the negative emotion is a result of some thought or ideal we have in our head about what a good mom is and we’re not matching up—this is not good!  And it’s not necessary.  There is no rule that says we’re required to experience mom guilt.

Our behaviors are a direct result of our thoughts.  Once you work on programming different thoughts (such as changing your vision of what a good mom is, or simply defining it for yourself and your life without influence from your mother in law…) you will change the emotions you are experiencing as a mom.

What could you do with your time and energy if it wasn’t being spent on mom guilt?