Are your days sometimes so busy, that scheduling a little time for yourself is laughable?

“Sure, I’d love to go get a massage, but I don’t have time”. Or “Dinner with friends sounds great, but my son has a game that night.”

I’m a proponent for massages and dinner with friends, for sure!  But sometimes, those things can feel like just one more thing to schedule, one more thing to coordinate.

So let’s back up.  Let’s talk about super simple ways you can add joy to your busy day.  What’s one thing you notice that lights you up, but that you don’t yet have incorporated in your daily routine?  Are you into candles, but find that you never light them?  Do you enjoy talking on the phone to a good friend for a few minutes, but you rarely make it a point to call her?  What about chocolate? When was the last time you sat down by yourself and slowly enjoyed some delicious chocolate?

Do you see where I’m going with this?  You are a woman! With 5 senses! Slow down for a few minutes to indulge those senses and watch how much joy you can get from doing this.  My passion right now is lemon essential oils in a diffuser while I’m working at home.  I’ve also been adding lavender to my baths and it’s lovely – feels like I’m at a spa!

What you can pick for yourself to add more joy to your life?  Comment below and tell me what you’re trying – I’d love to hear from you!