Are you an awesome employer?

Personal development IS professional development. When your team starts working on their own self-development, magical things happen. They get more confident at work, bring better ideas to the table, have higher engagement, and more productivity.

I can coach your team as a group, to work on these work/life balance issues:

  • Learn how to accept yourself and your natural style
  • Define your own version of success at work and life
  • Reduce guilt of not giving certain areas of life/people attention
  • Learn how to spend more quality time with your loved ones
  • Manage and establish priorities
  • Reduce overwhelm Increase self-care Increase confidence at work
  • Make quicker decisions
  • Find out why you’re not where you want to be
  • How to have fun again

Employees who work for companies that encourage their development and give them opportunities to learn and grow are more engaged at work (source: Gallup).

These coaching solutions can be delivered as a weekly lunch and learn series over an extended lunch period (in person, or online), or a half-day workshop where you choose two topics to work on. Contact me for more details.

Speaking Engagements

I deliver a keynote speech to companies and organizations who want to make a positive impact on their team. My style is positive and fun, yet delivers impactful thinking points that will have your audience experiencing their own ‘Aha’ moments for their work/life balance. Contact me for more details.

Workshops & Events

There are no workshops or events currently scheduled. If you’d like to be the first to know when I do add a workshop or event to the calendar, sign up here.