Recently I went hiking near Flagstaff, Arizona.  It was a beautiful, long (9.5 miles) uphill trail (not both ways, and there was no snow!) called Kendrick Peak Trail.

There were plenty of rocks on the trail, so I spent a lot of my time looking down at my feet to make sure I didn’t trip. We had been hiking for at least an hour when I stopped for a little break.  I looked around and it was some breathtaking views of the forest mountains.  Another hour goes by and I do the same thing, take a break and notice the amazing views.

During that second break, I thought how motherhood can be a lot like my experience on that hiking trail.  We are so focused on our feet and what’s right in front of us to make sure we don’t trip, that we sometimes miss some of the gorgeous views along the way.

Think about it.

However old your child/children are, what struggles were you (or they) having 6 months ago?  And you all made it through, right?  That phase of bedwetting that seemed like you would be doing laundry until you retire, those terrible two’s (or terrible three’s in my child’s case!) that were super challenging but now are a distant memory, or when you go back to work and you drop your child at daycare that first week and your heart breaks a little.

Don’t forget to look up.  Look up from where you are on the trail of life, even if just for a short break.  I know some things are hard.  But, take a few minutes to think about and enjoy the things that aren’t hard.  Unconditional love is not hard.  Kid snuggles are not hard.

Look up and see how far you’ve come as a mom.  Celebrate everything you’ve been able to get through.  You’re amazing!!