When you were preparing to welcome your kid(s) into the world, did you read the book “Caution: You May Experience Mom Guilt”?  You didn’t?  Yeah, me either!  And I’m kidding, there’s no book with this title.

But seriously, we are totally not prepped for the mom guilt we may experience after our kid(s) come along.   Something that I learned from coaching moms and found very interesting: stay at home moms AND working moms experience guilt.  I personally have always been a working mom.  And I thought for sure that stay at home moms had it easy – there’s no way they could have mom guilt after being at home with their kids all the time, right? WRONG!

What I’ve learned is that moms experience mom guilt in different ways.  Some of the common flavors of mom guilt I’ve seen are:

  • not spending enough quality time with your kid(s)
  • not being patient enough with your kid(s)
  • not sticking to your word (or discipline action) because you’re feeling guilty
  • overeating or overdrinking because you’re feeling guilty (I know, this one is shocking-who knew our Oreo binges could be related to mom guilt?)
  • thinking you should be a different type of mom than you are (such as crafty, if you’re not; or cook dinners from scratch, if you don’t)
  • not taking enough (or any) time for your own self-care
  • not doing enough in general
  • trying to do so many things, and feeling like you’re not doing any of them well (motherhood, relationship, friendship, work…)

Do you see yourself in any of these?  A few years ago, I could identify with Every. Single. One.

Here’s what I want you to know.  You do NOT have to stay feeling this way.  I’m proof of this!  If you’re up for a challenge, this week I challenge you to give yourself a guilt hall pass on one thing.  Notice when you’re feeling guilty, remind yourself that you’re awesome, and picture a guilt hall pass in your mind.  I would LOVE for you to reply and let me know your story about using a guilt hall pass this week.